Safety Tips for Outdoor Exercise in Winter

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Cold weather shouldn’t stop you from being able to get a good workout and stay in shape. If you’re used to going running or doing other outdoor fitness activities when it’s warm out, you don’t have to skip them when it’s cold out. Just make sure you keep the following safety tips in mind, so you’ll stay safe and comfortable while you’re outside. 

Dress in Layers

Wearing layers of clothing helps keep heat close to your body, so you’ll feel warm enough outdoors in winter. This helps prevent you from losing too much body heat, which could lead to a dangerous condition called hypothermia. Choose clothing made from materials that will help you stay dry when you’re exercising, such as nylon or polyester. Staying dry is just as important as staying warm when you work out in the cold. 

Cover Your Hands, Head and Nose

Make sure that these areas are covered when you go outside to exercise this winter. Your nose, ears, and fingers are more likely to get frostbite due to exposure than the rest of your body. Wear a thick pair of gloves and a hat, and pull a scarf up so that it covers your nose when you’re outside, especially if it’s freezing or below freezing. You should also wear shoes that provide plenty of warmth for your feet to protect your toes from frostbite. 

Stay Hydrated

You might not think you need to drink as much while exercising outdoors in winter compared to summer. However, making sure your body has enough fluids is still important when you’re working out in the cold. Take small sips of water while you’re exercising.

Be Visible

You have fewer hours of daylight available for exercising outdoors in winter. If you go out early in the morning or in the early evening when it’s already dark out, wear clothing in bright colors or reflective gear. This can help drivers see you better in the dark when you’re crossing the road.


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