4 Winter Fitness Tips to Help You Stay Active

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Workout BuddyWinter is a time when many people stop exercising, or exercise far less. Cold temperatures and snow can be unmotivating for people who exercise outdoors. This can become a problem if you're trying to stay physically fit! These four tips will help you stay active this winter. 

1. Get an Exercise Buddy

It's harder to stop exercising when you answer to a friend who exercises with you. Ask a friend who likes to exercise to go walking or running with you. Set up at least one day per week when you're supposed to exercise together, then stick to the schedule.  

2. Adjust Your Diet

Winter is a time when people tend to eat a lot of dense, calorie-heavy foods. This, coupled with a reduction in the amount of exercise you're doing, can contribute to weight gain and other changes in physical fitness. Adjusting your diet to maintain your summer physique can help you stay healthy. Swap out casseroles for salads. Practice portion control. Do it safely: Talk to your nutritionist, training coach or doctor to ensure that you're eating right for your lifestyle.

3. Take Up Winter Sports

Winter sports can be a lot of fun! Skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating are all enjoyable activities that can be done outdoors in the cold.

Winter sports are also motivating. It's fun to spend time outside when you're skiing down a hill! To find out more about winter sports, talk to a friend who already participates in outdoor winter activities, or check out nearby facilities where you can get started. 

4. Climb Some Stairs

You don't have to go to the gym to fit in some good exercise! Climb the stairs of your building to burn off extra calories. Do this after dinner or after waking up in the morning. You'll develop your leg muscles and stay fit while you do it.

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