The Benefits of Cooking with a Crock-Pot

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Fall marks the start of Crock-Pot season. If you've been stowing this humble kitchen appliance under your counter for the past half year or so, it's time to bring it out and put it to work again. If you don't have one, here are just some of the reasons every Chicago apartment should have a slow cooker.

It Cooks While You Work

A slow cooker is so easy to use it's almost as good as going out to dinner. Add in the ingredients in the morning, set it on low, and you are sure to have a home-cooked, old-school meal awaiting you after work.

There are a LOT of Crock-Pot Recipes

Do have taste for some fall-off-the-bone chicken? What about some Swiss steak or pot roast? There are plenty of easy-to-make slow cooker recipes — everything from macaroni and cheese to Chinese meals. Whatever your taste, your Crock-Pot can deliver.

It Limits Cleanup

Rather than ending up with multiple pots and pans to be washed after dinner, many slow cooker meals can be made in this one handy cooking device. Cleaning a Crock-Pot can sometimes be a challenge, but it's often a simple cleanup job.

It Makes Your Place Smell Awesome!

Even when a workday is stressful, walking into your apartment filled with the aroma of a comfort food can be rejuvenating. It can be particularly rewarding if you've forgotten that you have dinner waiting!

You Are Sure to Have Leftovers

Crock-Pot recipes most often make more food than you'll need for a single meal. This means you'll have plenty of yummy leftovers for lunch or dinner over the next few days. Enjoy!

Of course, we can't talk about slow cooker cooking without at least one of the simplest examples of this type of cooking: Crock-Pot Pulled Barbecue Chicken Breast.

Simply put two or four frozen chicken breasts into a slow cooker with either a half or a full cup of barbecue sauce. Cook on low all day. When you come home, the chicken should easily pull apart with a wooden spoon. This makes terrific pulled barbecue chicken that can be served as a main course or on sandwich buns.

Changing seasons means menu changes and even appliance changes. Enjoy the tastes and aromas of Crock-Pot season in your new Chicago apartment at North Harbor Tower. We'll even include the views. Contact us to learn more.

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