DIY Tips for Restoring Your Furniture

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Whether your furniture is looking a little tired or you want to fix up a beautiful antique you saw at a yard sale, restoration can really change the look of your apartment. Plus, it's a smarter choice for the environment because you're essentially recycling something that could have easily been put in a landfill. Knowing how to restore furniture is a useful skill that you'll be glad you picked up.

Understand the Piece 

Not all furniture should be restored, so you'll have to answer this question before going any further. If the piece is painted, shoddy, or unstable, it may not be worth it. Look for furniture that is made from solid wood so you don't have to worry about laminates or particleboard. If you have an extremely old piece, say from the 1850s or before, you may want to call an antique dealer to see if it's valuable. Restoring a piece like this can actually hurt its resale value. 

Learn the Options 

You don't always have to go through a lot of effort to perk up your furniture. For example, you can rejuvenate a piece merely by cleaning and waxing the furniture. You can touch up dents and cracks in the wood without stripping its original finish. These tactics are excellent ways to hold onto the integrity of the furniture while still improving its aesthetic qualities. However, if the furniture is full of watermarks, blemishes or the surface is still sticky after it's been washed, your only choice is to refinish it. 

Undertake the Task 

From cleaning to stripping to staining, full restoration is a major undertaking. You'll likely need to visit the hardware store at least a few times to ensure you get the tools you need. You'll need to consult with a few professionals to determine which type of varnish you should use. As you go about collecting the items and learning the skills though, you'll develop a stronger attachment for the furniture that graces your apartment. 

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