Getting an Early Start on Fall Decor

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Fall CenterpieceEven though there’s still a little summer left to get through, why not get a jump-start on getting your place ready for the approaching fall weather? Residents of our apartments in Chicago, Illinois, know how fast the weather can change once September hits. That’s why we’ve brought you a few ideas on bringing autumn’s splendor into your apartment.

Add Some Festive Centerpieces

Find flowers in red and gold colors and place them on your dining room and kitchen tables. You can also look for different fruits like apples and oranges as well. This is an easy way to start putting glimpses of your favorite fall colors around your apartment.

Other Centerpiece Ideas

  • Combine fruits and flowers into one basket.
  • Add in fall-colored greenery.
  • Use a colorful piece of pottery.

Come up with different mixes to place around your home for a unique look that will dazzle your visitors.

Decorate Your Walls

Fill up any blank spaces on your walls with pictures of different fall scenes. It gives you a good reason for making a trip to Chicago’s many flea markets and art galleries. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to find some great art to give your apartment more depth and color.

You can also find different decorations and configure them in different patterns. Why not invite some friends over and have a party where you come up with different creations to place around your apartment? That might give them some ideas on what to do with their own place.

Add Some Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are another easy way to add some fall flavor throughout your apartment. Find some big ones to put in front of the TV or smaller ones to give that old couch a little extra pizzazz.

Don’t limit your new pillows to the living room. Add them to your bedroom or on your patio furniture as well. Try mixing different patterns with solids for a more sophisticated look.

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