Tips for Apartment Living With Pets

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Small Dog and CatLarge or small pets make the most perfect companions to enjoy life with. They come with their own temperaments, personalities, and lots of love and affection. When considering how to make the best home for your pets at North Harbor Tower, keep these practical tips in mind.

Sharing a Space With Pets

  • Promote regular exercise routines: Dogs need lots of exercise. Larger breeds such as labs and retrievers tend to need even more activity. Make sure that your dog gets plenty of outdoor time, and set up exercise as a regular routine. If your work cuts into playtime with your furry friend, why not hire a dog walker to help you out? 
  • Cats love to be up high: Cats like to have their own personal space, and high places are great ways for them to feel like they have their own cozy corner. Make sure they have extra tall scratching posts with multiple levels and kitty condos. Your cat will enjoy the magnificent views of the lake and city from our North Harbor Tower Apartments, but make sure to keep all the windows secured so they can be safe while enjoying the nice cityscapes below.
  • Maintain regular bathroom routines: When it comes to maintaining potty hygiene for your furry friends, consistency is the key. Take your dog out for a walk at specific times of the day, so it can get used to going at that time. When taking your dog out for a walk, be sure to visit the same places for a potty break so they can become accustomed to an outdoor pit stop routine. Cats, on the other hand, really need a private space to do their thing. Keep a litter box in the bathroom or a spare bedroom. Make sure the litter box is enclosed to avoid having your cat accidentally spread the litter around. 
  • Provide regular entertainment: Just like humans, pets can become bored. Make sure you play and interact with your pets on a regular basis. Provide toys and games for your pets to play with, such as chew toys, lasers to chase, toy mice, etc. Switch out the toys every few months, so your pets can be "refreshed" and excited to play again. 

If you or someone you know is searching for pet-friendly Chicago apartments, check out North Harbor Towers, the premier place for city living with all the amenities to make life pleasant. With convenient locations, excellent service, beautiful views, and luxury amenities, there is something for everyone. Give us a call today to find out more about our spacious floor plans and modern living right in the heart of beautiful Chicago.

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