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Packed LunchA big part of increasing wealth is about spending money wisely. For those looking forward to a nice retirement or have their hearts set on a major purchase, finding new ways to keep more of your money means you can save more. Here are five money-saving tips that can help you keep more of your hard-earned dollars.

5 Tips for Saving Money

  • Buy in bulk and buy generic. Know which brand name products you prefer, but for other food selections such as stocking your pantry, non-perishable snacks and house cleaning products, the generic brands will have a comparable quality at a lower price. For paper products, laundry detergent, pasta — buying bulk will save you money and reduce your trips to the store.
  • Pack a lunch for work and school. Save money by eating out less and making ample amounts for dinner that can serve double duty as next-day lunches. Not packing a lunch can eat up money faster than you can imagine. The average American spends $50 per week on lunchtime meals, and that adds up to $3,000 in just one year.
  • Buy whole chicken instead of chicken breasts. The extra chicken parts can be re-purposed for chicken salad sandwiches, protein for fresh salads, creamy chicken noodle soup or chicken tacos. Chicken parts cost more because you are paying the extra costs for processing the separate chicken wings, legs and thighs.
  • Use your slow cooker more often. This is an inexpensive but smart investment. Not only will you save valuable time, you may also find yourself cooking meals at home more often since slow cooker recipes use simple ingredients (often just five) and are a great way to use the vegetables and meats you have purchased in bulk.
  • Shop the weekly ads and use coupons. Even if you're not a regular coupon user, don't neglect to pick up the store's weekly specials flyer. The savings can be tremendous, especially when stores simply have too much inventory on items such as seafood, beef, cold cuts, wine or organic produce.

Today's savvy shoppers buy bulk, use coupons, shop the weekly specials and will use the freezer to keep all those great deals in perfect condition until ready to use. Instead of spending in excess, use the money you've saved to reward yourself with things that will make you feel happier and more satisfied.

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