Best Ways to Fight Big City Insomnia

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You love the excitement of living in the Windy City, but there is a slight downside to all of the activities and opportunities — it's tough to gear down for a restful night's sleep. Follow these tips to sleep sound in your Chicago apartment:

4 Tips for Fighting Insomnia and Getting to Sleep as a City Dweller

  • Take advantage of happy hour. Late-night socializing may be the basis of your biggest sleep struggles. There's no need to give up your bar visits with friends; simply replace those late nights with happy hour excursions. Not only will you find it easier to turn in at a reasonable time, you'll save money with happy hour deals on drinks and appetizers.
  • Get plenty of exercise. In a city environment, it can be easy to get trapped in a cycle of inactivity. Lack of exercise can hamper sleep quality, so be sure to move your body when possible. This could mean taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walking to work (or other destinations) instead of driving. Don't hesitate to use your apartment complex's fitness center or pool.
  • Create a peaceful ambiance. Decor can determine whether your apartment relaxes you or charges you up. If you struggle to fall asleep, opt for calming decorations. The right color palette can work wonders. Decorating alone won't ensure a peaceful environment, unfortunately. You'll also want to get a handle on clutter, which could make you feel anxious or restless when you're desperate to fall asleep.
  • Limit cellphone use before bed. Light can be a huge obstacle to getting enough sleep, but bright city lights aren't always the problem. Drawing the shades won't accomplish much if you spend the last half-hour before bed staring at your lit-up smartphone or tablet. Resist the urge to check social media, and, instead, read a book until you feel drowsy.

It's possible to embrace the excitement of big city living while also maintaining a healthy sleep schedule. A few small adjustments to your usual routine could leave you feeling delightfully well-rested. 

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