Tips to Follow When Doing a Move-In Walk-Through

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Prior to moving into a new apartment or home, you should always complete a walk-through. During the walk-through, you will have the opportunity to note any damage or imperfections that are already present in the space. This helps to ensure you are not later charged for the damage when you move out. If you have never done a walk-through, or if it has been a while since you last completed one, here are a few tips you should follow when completing yours. 

Take Your Time When Walking Through the Space

When completing a walk-through, you may have the leasing agent with you. Most people hurry through as they don't want to waste their time or someone else's. However, when you are completing a walk-through, take your time to really walk through and look at the space. If possible, go in the daytime when natural light is shining through, as this allows you to see more. 

Look Beyond the Walls and Flooring

When completing a walk-through, most people focus on the walls and the flooring. While it is important to look for stains or holes in the walls, you also need to look beyond the walls and flooring when completing a walk-through. Open the closet doors and ensure the closet bars are in place. Turn the blinds and make sure they all work and are not broken. Turn on the ceiling fans and ensure they work. Look in the bathtubs and sinks for stains. Lastly, check the front and back side of the doors for any holes. 

Take Pictures or Videos

If any damage or imperfections are noticed during the walk-through, take a video or picture of the damage. If possible, grab a newspaper that has that day's date, and place it by the imperfection to show the date the picture or video was taken. Taking a picture or video helps to show exactly what the damage or imperfection looked like on the date you moved in. 

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